Someone once said it is the finality of death that makes it painful, the fact that you would never get to see that person anymore is what makes death unbearable. Is it though? Is that what makes it hurt the most?

For me, MEMORIES are the reason death hurts us…


1. Introduction

2. The Need for a Startup Legislation

3. The Silicon Valley Example- Lessons

4. The National Startup Law-Expectations

5. Recommendations/Conclusion

6. References


In recent times, the African tech ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth, with various start-ups springing up with the intention of solving the continent’s problems…

Hey girls, so a few days ago, the World Trade Organization appointed Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as its Director-General. She is the first Woman and African ever to assume this position in the history of the organization.

Dr Ngozi Onkonjo-Iweala’s win is personal because I believe she has left an indelible…

Hello guys, let’s talk.

The other day, I came across a tweet by Miss Erica Nlewedim which read- “I’m an actress, a brand ambassador, a lifestyle and travel influencer, an entrepreneur, I also have an NGO, I have a YouTube page, right now my focus is on acting and being…

Email security is a term for portraying different techniques and methodologies for guaranteeing email records, substance, and correspondence against unapproved access, hardship, or deal. Email is as often as possible used to spread malware, spam, and phishing attacks. …


As a student in the Nigerian Law school, we were told to work hard in order grades which, according to them, gave us opportunities to high paying jobs. So, many of us took that advice and burned the midnight oil, dreaming of graduating…

awuese iorchor

Awuese Iorchor is a Nigerian legal practitioner, with an interest in technology law, Intellectual property law and Privacy/Data Protection law.

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